Body Flags


Embody your country’s or favorite sports team’s pride. Customize to your liking in terms of design and size.

Our silky-smooth fabric will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Washing makes it re-usable and durable.


  • 150 x 80cms
  • 120 x 70 cms


  • Club
  • Sport Games
  • Festivals

Style 1

Style 2


Silk Sensation

  • Soft and smooth with a sheen, slightly translucent
  • Slinky drape makes it a great substitute for silk
  • Strong and durable fabric meant for everyday use

Viscose Cotton

  • Mix blend with 40% cotton content
  • Blending reduces wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Rustic with a natural look and feel

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